On Tuesday, CNN’s in its one of the show, named as “Most powerful man in the world” claim Putin the most powerful man of the world.

Russian President Putin – Most Powerful Man of The World And after accusing of United States Intelligence agency, that Russian President Vladimir Putin has influenced the Presidential Election of United States 2016, this adds more weights to the estimation of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria examines the rise, reign and aims of Russian President Vladmir Putin.

If we put our believes in the allegations which are put forwarded by the United States Spy community, then it wouldn’t wrong to say that Russian President Putin is strongest man of the world.
It was earlier in news that Russian President Putin altered the result of President Election of 2016 by ordering directly to hack the emails of Democratic National Committee and accessed to sensitive documents discloses through WikiLeaks to smear the candidate of Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

Whereas, in October, it was reported that Russian President Putin holds grudge against Clinton that’s why he tried to influence the election result by helping Donald Trump to win for Presidency. Although, Russian President Putin has repeatedly denied it and termed it as mere allegation and myth.