White house’s national security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned. He has resigned after allegation of having talks with Russian Ambassador about imposed American’s sanction upon Russia without letting aware of President Donald Trump.

It will keep out the White House from political controversies but on the other side it will put a question mark on President Trump’s statement which he said before inauguration that he will form his team from high caliber people. On the other side, it will drag President Trump’s administration into a new challenge that will be of Trump’s administration. As President Trump has no foreign policy experience, and now Flynn has resigned just after 4 weeks of getting into office it has sent show waves to world.
As it disclosed by CNN, it emerged that the Justice Department warned the White House last month that Flynn had not been truthful about the calls with the Russian envoy and could be susceptible to Russian blackmail. That information, disclosed to CNN by sources familiar to the matter, exposed the White House itself to questions about what officials did with the Justice Department warning and whether Trump himself was told.