A Complete List of Austria States

Austria is a beautiful country with diverse regions that offer an array of stunning landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant cultures. Our comprehensive list of states, districts, and major cities in Austria can help you plan your perfect Austrian adventure. Each region has its own unique attractions, from the snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear lakes of Salzburg to the baroque architecture and rich cultural heritage of Vienna. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie, Austria has something to offer everyone. With our list as your guide, you can explore the best of Austria’s regions and create unforgettable memories.

1- Burgenland

Burgenland is a state located in eastern Austria, bordered by Slovakia to the north and east, Hungary to the east and south, and the Austrian states of Lower Austria and Styria to the west. Known for its vineyards, thermal spas, and natural beauty, it is a popular tourist destination. The state also has a rich cultural heritage with a mix of Austrian, Hungarian, and Slavic influences.

  • Districts: Eisenstadt-Umgebung, Güssing, Jennersdorf, Mattersburg, Neusiedl am See, Oberpullendorf, Oberwart
  • Major cities: Eisenstadt, Rust

2- Carinthia

Carinthia is a state located in southern Austria, bordered by East Tyrol and Salzburg to the northwest, Styria to the northeast, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and the state of Tyrol to the west. It is known for its stunning Alpine landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, and popular ski resorts. The state also has a rich history, with influences from the Romans, Celts, and Slavs. Its capital city, Klagenfurt, is a popular destination for culture and history lovers.

  • Districts: Feldkirchen, Hermagor, Klagenfurt-Land, Sankt Veit an der Glan, Spittal an der Drau, Villach-Land, Völkermarkt, Wolfsberg
  • Major cities: Klagenfurt, Villach

3- Lower Austria

Lower Austria is the largest state in Austria, bordered by Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is known for its scenic countryside, picturesque towns, and rich history. It is home to the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the popular wine region of the Thermenregion. The state’s capital city, St. Pölten, is a bustling cultural hub with a wealth of historical sites and attractions.

  • Districts: Amstetten, Baden, Bruck an der Leitha, Gänserndorf, Gmünd, Hollabrunn, Horn, Korneuburg, Krems-Land, Lilienfeld, Melk, Mistelbach, Mödling, Neunkirchen, Sankt Pölten-Land, Scheibbs, Tulln, Waidhofen an der Thaya, Wiener Neustadt-Land, Zwettl
  • Major cities: Sankt Pölten, Wiener Neustadt, Krems an der Donau, Mödling

4- Upper Austria

Upper Austria is situated in the northern part of Austria, and is bordered by the Czech Republic to the north, Germany (Bavaria) to the northwest, Lower Austria to the south, and Styria to the southeast. It is known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The state’s capital city, Linz, is a bustling cultural hub with a thriving art scene and a range of historical and modern attractions. The region is also home to beautiful lakes, hiking trails, and popular ski resorts.

  • Districts: Braunau am Inn, Eferding, Freistadt, Gmunden, Grieskirchen, Kirchdorf an der Krems, Linz-Land, Perg, Ried im Innkreis, Rohrbach, Schärding, Steyr-Land, Urfahr-Umgebung, Vöcklabruck, Wels-Land
  • Major cities: Linz, Wels, Steyr, Hallstatt

5- Salzburg

Salzburg is located in central Austria and is bordered by Upper Austria to the north, Styria to the east, Carinthia and Tyrol to the south, and Bavaria, Germany to the west, known for its stunning alpine landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is home to the historic city of Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The state is also home to numerous natural attractions, including the Salzburg Lake District and the Hohe Tauern National Park.

  • Districts: Hallein, Salzburg-Umgebung, St. Johann im Pongau, Tamsweg, Zell am See
  • Major cities: Salzburg

6- Styria

Styria is a state located in the southeast of Austria, and it is bordered by Upper Austria to the north, Lower Austria to the northeast, Burgenland to the east, Slovenia to the south, and Carinthia to the west. This region is known for its stunning landscapes, which include rolling hills, vineyards, and forests, as well as its rich cultural heritage and excellent food and wine.The capital of Styria is Graz, which is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna. The region is home to beautiful forests, mountains, and rivers, making it popular for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. The state is also renowned for its traditional folk culture and crafts.

  • Districts: Bruck-Mürzzuschlag, Deutschlandsberg, Graz-Umgebung, Hartberg-Fürstenfeld, Leibnitz, Leoben, Liezen, Murau, Murtal, Südoststeiermark, Voitsberg, Weiz
  • Major cities: Graz, Leoben

7- Tyrol

Tyrol is a state located in western Austria, bordered by Germany (Bavaria) to the northwest, Salzburg to the east, Carinthia to the southeast, and Italy (South Tyrol) to the south. The region is known for its majestic Alpine peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and charming mountain villages, and is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The region is home to the popular towns of Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, and St. Anton, among others, which offer a range of outdoor activities, historical sites, and modern attractions. The state is also famous for its traditional folk culture and architecture.

  • Districts: Imst, Innsbruck-Land, Kitzbühel, Kufstein, Landeck, Lienz, Reutte, Schwaz
  • Major cities: Innsbruck, Kufstein

8- Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg is a state located in western Austria, bordered by Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) to the north and northeast, Switzerland to the west, and Liechtenstein to the south. The region is known for its stunning Alpine scenery, quaint villages, and outdoor recreational activities, including skiing and hiking.. It is home to the popular towns of Bregenz and Dornbirn, among others, which offer a range of outdoor activities, art galleries, and museums. Vorarlberg is also known for its excellent cuisine and wine.

  • Districts: Bludenz, Bregenz, Dornbirn, Feldkirch
  • Major cities: Bregenz, Dornbirn

9- Vienna

Vienna is the capital city and a state of Austria, located in the eastern part of the country. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and vibrant arts scene. The city is home to numerous museums, galleries, and historical sites, as well as a range of modern attractions. It is also famous for its coffeehouses, traditional cuisine, and excellent wine.

  • Districts: Innere Stadt, Leopoldstadt, Landstraße, Wieden, Margareten, Mariahilf, Neubau, Josefstadt, Alsergrund, Favoriten, Simmering, Meidling, Hietzing, Penzing, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Ottakring, Hernals, Währing, Döbling, Brigittenau, Floridsdorf, Donaustadt, Liesing
  • Major cities: Vienna