Vienna is one of those cities that have given this world a lot of things but have always stayed back. You are all set to go there but you do not know what places you should visit there first. It is Austria’s largest city and is filled with so many historical moments and personalities. You can find some deep culture here. So here are top 7 things that you should visit in Vienna.

Spanish Riding School

  1. Spanish Riding School

You can say that the school is traditionally for Lipizzan horses and some very amazing public performances are given here. These performances are called classical dressage and you should see these once in your lifetime. It is like magic. Since 1735, the tradition of performance of these horses at Winter Riding School is going on in Hofburg.


  1. Ringstrasse

The road is 5 km long and circles the inner city of Vienna. The road was built by Emperor Franz Joseph in mid of 19th century and is home to many important buildings located in Vienna. You can see stately homes, museums and palaces there like Vienna Stock Exchange, City Hall, Natural History Museum, and State Opera. You can see a mixture of various architectural styles in the buildings located on this road.


  1. Hundertwasserhaus

It is a colorful building near the Landstraße district. The building is home to apartments and was actually named after FriedensreichHundertwasser, a famous Austrian artist. Every apartment in this building is od a different color. It was completed it 1985 and has been a center of cultural heritage of Vienna since then. You must see this building.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

  1. Hofburg Imperial Palace

This palace is one of the most prominent buildings in government scene of Austria since it was constructed in 13th century. Europe’s most powerful and prominent royalty lived here including the Austro-Hungarian empires, the Holy Roman and the Haps burgs. You can see several halls and wings here. However, only Silver Collection, Sisi Museum and Imperial Apartments are open for public.

Schonbrunn Palace

  1. Schonbrunn Palace

The palace consists of 1441 rooms and is one of the most visited sites in Vienna. It was completed in 1712 when Emperor Leopold I requested. However, Maria Theresa turned it into a summer palace. The palace is home to oldest zoo of the world, the Privy Garden.

Belvedere Complex

  1. Belvedere Complex

It also contributes to the history of Vienna by contributing orangery and palaces that were built in late 17th century. You can see Baroque palaces here. It was also used as summer home by Prince Eugene of Savoy. The Belvedere looks best at night time.

St Stephen's Cathedral

  1. St Stephen’s Cathedral

The church was built in 12th century. Today it is home for Catholic archbishop in the city. In World War II, it was destroyed but they built it in seven years.