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“Wild Fire”: Deadliest Forest Fire In California’s History

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Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer
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Northern California Butte Sheriff Kory Honea speaks of the deadliest forest fire in California history. US President Donald Trump announces financial support for those affected.

deadliest fire in states history

The victims of the devastating fires in the US state of California should get financial support from the federal government. That’s what US President Donald Trump decided on Tuesday night, as the White House in Washington said. Thus, among other things, people whose homes or businesses are burned, may apply for federal financial aid – for example, to pay for temporary accommodation or repairs. The support should complement state aid at the state and local level, he said.

Trump wrote on the short message service Twitter, he wanted to respond quickly to mitigate the suffering of those affected by it. He stands by all concerned. The governor of California, Jerry Brown, had requested federal support.

Since Thursday huge fires are raging in the north and south of California. The large-scale fires have already charred hundreds of square kilometers of forest and destroyed thousands of houses. At least 42 people have been killed in the “Wild Fire” forest fire. In addition, two people had been found dead in the flame-hit coastal town of Malibu.

Kory Honea, a Northern California district sheriff, said on Tuesday night that the fire is the deadliest forest fire in US history.

US President Trump had received a lot of criticism over the weekend with a comment on the fires. He accused authorities in California of failing and making mistakes in forest management and threatened with the withdrawal of federal funds – while the forces there fought against the flames and residents feared for their lives. That had caused much indignation.

Sources: Die Presse

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