UN condemns Israel settlements in Palestine and expressed criticism of Israeli settlement construction in Palestinian territories, condemning the confiscation of land, destruction of homes, and expulsion of Palestinian civilians.

UN Condemns Israel Settlements in Palestine

The United Nations Security Council has expressed its concern over the Israeli settlement construction in the Palestinian territories. The most powerful UN body expressed “concern and dismay” in a joint statement on Monday. The 15-member council “strongly opposes all unilateral actions that obstruct peace, including, among other things, Israeli construction and expansion of settlements,” the confiscation of land, and the destruction of Palestinian homes.

The statement, which was adopted unanimously, also condemned the expulsion of Palestinian civilians. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office condemned the declaration and the role of the United States, Israel’s ally, in it. “This one-sided statement should never have been made, and the United States should never have joined it,” the statement said. According to the statement, it denies “the right of Jews” to live in their “historical homeland.”

The Israeli Prime Minister’s far-right finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, announced that he would not comply with the decision. Netanyahu, on the other hand, had already yielded shortly before the vote, stating that he would not approve any further settlements in the coming months.

The US, Israel’s closest ally, has been critical of Israeli settlement activities for decades and sees them as an obstacle to peace efforts. However, they usually do not publicly label them as illegal. In the past decades, the United States has vetoed dozens of critical UN resolutions against Israel.

Originally, a legally binding resolution could have been adopted in the Security Council on Monday. However, under pressure from the US, the draft by the United Arab Emirates was withdrawn, leading to the joint statement.

The UN Security Council’s decision could have serious implications for Israel, which has been building settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem for decades. The construction of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories has been one of the most contentious issues in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

While Israel considers the settlements to be a part of its territory, the international community, including the UN, considers them illegal under international law. The continued construction of settlements has been seen as a major obstacle to the peace process between the two sides.

The UN Security Council’s decision comes at a time when Israel is already facing significant pressure from the international community over its treatment of Palestinians. Israel has been accused of human rights violations and other abuses, particularly in the Gaza Strip, where it has been accused of carrying out war crimes.

The UN’s decision is also likely to have an impact on the political situation in Israel. Netanyahu is facing increasing pressure from his political opponents, who accuse him of corruption and other misdeeds. The UN’s decision is likely to increase the pressure on Netanyahu and his government to address the concerns of the international community and take steps to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians.