UK Military to join Israel-Palestine War

In a significant development, the UK has revealed plans to enter the Israel-Palestine conflict by conducting surveillance flights over Gaza after the US which is already actively participating in this war. The move, aimed at aiding the Israeli military on the ground, follows the footsteps of the United States in supporting Israel’s efforts against Palestinian forces.

According to the British Ministry of Defence, these surveillance flights are a crucial step in reinforcing the UK’s commitment to assisting Israel during the ongoing conflict. This collaborative effort between the US and the UK signals a unified stance entering Israel-Palestine conflict.

Israeli authorities report that during a brazen attack on October 7, Hamas forces detained approximately 240 Israelis and foreign captives. While Israel has managed to secure the release of 110 individuals, comprising 86 Israelis and 24 foreigners, the process involved a complex exchange of about 240 Palestinian detainees . This exchange primarily occurred during a recent weeklong truce that concluded on Friday.

Despite the temporary respite brought by the truce, Israel’s military resumed bombardment of the besieged Palestinian territory on Friday. The blame for the truce’s end is squarely placed on Hamas by Israel. The combat’s resumption dashes hopes for the swift release of approximately 130 detainees still held by the Israeli army in Gaza.

The UK reports the loss of at least 12 British and Israel dual nationals in the October 7 attacks, with an additional five still missing. The exact number of British citizens detained by Hamas remains unconfirmed. The UK government expresses deep concern for the well-being of its citizens and their involvement in the conflict.

Israel responded to the October 7 attack with a vow to eliminate Hamas. Subsequently, a relentless and barbaric air and ground campaign ensued, resulting in the deaths of more than 15,000 people in Gaza, predominantly civilians.

Hamas has declared its intention to resume negotiations on the release of further detainees only after the conclusion of the Gaza war. In response, Israel withdrew from talks mediated by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States.

While specific details about the initiation date remain undisclosed, the UK emphasizes that its military surveillance flights over the Eastern Mediterranean, including airspace over Israel and Gaza, will be unarmed. The primary focus will be on captive recovery efforts, aligning with the commitment to ongoing hostage rescue activities.

“In support of the ongoing captives rescue activity, the UK Ministry of Defence will conduct military flights over the Eastern Mediterranean, including operating in airspace over Israel and Gaza,” stated the ministry in a press release.