Qatar spends nearly half a billion dollars on investment in health and education as well as humanitarian aid for Palestinians.

$480 Million In Support To Palestine

Qatar wants to financially support the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. For $480 million would be provided, the Foreign Ministry announced late Monday evening. At the weekend it had come to the heaviest mutual attacks of Palestinians and Israelis for months.

Grants and loans totaling $300 million are to be donated to the Palestinian Authority’s Health and Education budget. The other $180 million, for example, provided as humanitarian aid, it was said in Qatar.

Under the mediation of Egypt, a ceasefire was agreed in the early morning, said, two Palestinian representatives. The persistent conflict flared up on Friday when, according to Israeli sources, a sniper of the Palestinian extremist group Islamic Jihad fired on soldiers and injured two of them.

The military said that over 600 rockets had been fired at towns and villages in southern Israel, and over 150 had been intercepted. For its part, the army had attacked over 260 targets assigned to militant groups in the Gaza Strip.