The US President speaks of an “invasion of our country”. 5,200 soldiers were ordered to the border.

Troops Deployment On Border

To deter thousands of migrants from Central America, the US is sending more than 5,200 more soldiers to their Mexican border. US President Donald Trump again called on the migrants to repent: “Please turn back,” he wrote on Twitter. “This is an invasion of our country and our military is waiting for you!”

Among the “caravan” of migrants, “many gang members and some very bad people,” Trump claimed. The migrant group continued on its way south of Mexico.

800 soldiers were on their way to the mission on Monday, said US General Terrence O’Shaughnessy at the Pentagon. By the end of the week, more than 5,200 soldiers would be stationed at the border. These forces should support the CBP and strengthen the 2,000 National Guard soldiers who are already deployed at the border. At present, thousands of migrants are marching from the south towards the US border.

O’Shaughnessy said the soldiers were logistically on hand to help CBP officials, but they were armed. Among the troops were pioneers who had heavy equipment with them, and medical personnel. Even helicopters would be moved to the southern border. “Our orders are very clear,” the general said. “We will secure the border.” CBP boss Kevin McAleenan said, “We have to be prepared for the arrival of a very large group.”

The migrants arrived on Monday about 60 kilometers long track in the south of Mexico. Especially women and children were transported, inter alia, in vehicles of the Red Cross. Other migrants were able to get in trucks or vans ride. It has now been estimated that 3,000 to 5,000 people from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador have joined the procession.

One group set off in the Honduran town of San Pedro Sula on October 13, with more and more migrants joining. The destination is the USA. Most want to reach the border town of Tijuana, which was about 3,500 kilometers away on Monday. There are shorter routes to the US border; However, these lead through the eastern states of Veracruz, Tamaulipas, and Nuevo Leon, which are far more dangerous because of clashes between Mexican drug cartels.

Despite Trump’s threats, more and more people reached Guatemala’s border with Mexico. Thousands of migrants rallied at the border crossing at Tecun Uman over the weekend, causing clashes with the police. A 26-year-old from Honduras was fatally injured by a rubber bullet on his head. It is unclear whether he was injured by a deployment of police from Guatemala or Mexico. On Monday, around 1,500 migrants swarmed through the border river Suchiate. Mexican border authorities detained them for a short time, but then let them go again.

Trump has made the migrants’ march a campaign issue. It seems possible that he will take action before the congressional elections on 6 November in order to score among his Republican electorate. However, the so-called migrant caravan will not arrive before the election at the US border.