The United States has shot down a balloon operated by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China that was used for gathering sensitive information from over 40 countries globally. According to the Biden administration, the balloon was equipped with high-tech intelligence-gathering equipment and was part of a military-linked aerial surveillance program.

The US has disputed China’s claim that the balloon was a civilian meteorological airship and provided evidence collected by American U-2 spy planes to support their allegations.

China Balloon Spied on 40+ Countries Shot Down by US

President Biden has defended the US action, stating that once the balloon entered US airspace, they were within their rights to take action. The House of Representatives has also voted unanimously to condemn China for violating US sovereignty and making false claims about its intelligence collection campaigns. China, however, has called the US allegations as “information warfare” and repeated its stance that the balloon was a weather balloon that had gone off course.

The US has reached out to countries that have also been targeted by the Chinese surveillance program and has confidence in the direct relationship between the balloon’s manufacturer and China’s military. However, the State Department has not revealed the names of the targeted countries or how the US obtained the information to protect their intelligence sources and methods.

The FBI has recovered some parts of the balloon for investigation, including the canopy, wiring, and a small amount of electronics. However, the exact intent and operation of the device are still unclear, and more information is expected to be provided in a classified setting. The US has suspended balloon recovery efforts temporarily due to high seas, but divers have already recovered potentially high-value equipment from the ocean floor.

In conclusion, the recent revelations by the Biden administration have shed light on China’s global surveillance efforts and the extent to which they were prepared to go to gather sensitive information. The shootdown of the balloon by the US has also highlighted the growing tensions between the two countries and the need for international cooperation to address the issue of aerial surveillance.