Online network Google plus is being closed after breach in consumers data.


A software glitch on the Google Plus online platform has granted unauthorized access of some private users data to app developers. As a reaction to that, the online network consumer app, which was launched in 2011 as a Facebook contender, is now closing down.

The app developers were able to access the name, the email address and employment, gender and age of users through the software glitch, to which Google admitted on Monday. The error was discovered in March 2018 and rectified immediately.

The gap had existed since 2015, the “Wall Street Journal” reported shortly before, citing internal documents of the Internet company. Although Google has no evidence of data misuse but also does not have enough information to completely deny the misuse of data. In March, after the glitch was found, the group decided not to inform the public immediately about the discovery, which now resulted in the mistrust of public to google, and resulted in the complete closing down of the app.

Sources: Kurier