Dramatic scenes in Vienna on Wednesday evening due to a dispute over the pace: During the red phase of a traffic light, an armed driver has struck down another driver, aged 27 with several shots. The reason may have been, according to a witness, that the later victim had complained that the shooter had driven too slowly. The 27-year-old was seriously injured, no traces of the perpetrator were found at the time.


The forces were called around 9 pm from Leibnizgasse intersection at the Davidgasse: A man was shot down, and was seriously injured. One witness stated that the reason for the bloody attack had been an argument between two car drivers. The late victim had therefore complained to the shooter about his speed.

As the police said on Thursday morning, the 27-year-old had left his vehicle during the red phase of a traffic light to “To address the other drivers on the low speed”.. He also got out of his car – but with a gun in his hands. The man shot at the 27-year-old and his 25-year-old co-driver several times, who remained unhurt. The victim, allegedly a Chechen, collapsed: Three bullets had hit the man, at the hip and on one leg.

According to the police, the injured person was treated on an emergency bases and then taken to a hospital. According to police spokesman Paul Eidenberger he was responsive during treatment.

The shooter – reported to be Serbian citizen, but the police was not able to confirm this – fled his car, a small red car. His co-driver ran away after the shots. Passers-by still tried to prevent the perpetrator from escaping – but did not succeed.

The Grätzl, where the shooting occurred barely rests: In May, a few days earlier, a Romanian, aged 43 on the Arthaberplatz and a Serbian, aged 59 were stabbed on the open road in the Leebgasse.

Source: krone.at