After 2014, Austria and Russia, both countries are moving in better and smooth relation. Earlier in January, 2017 Russian Government has announced extension in Visa Period of Austrian Tourists.

New Moves In Austria-Russia Relations – Russia Announced Extension In Visa Period



While speaking to media, Austrian Ambassador to Russia expressed his gratitude towards Russian Government on this act. He said that, it’s a good move which will surely bring improvement in relations of Austria and Russia. He further added that Austria is not going to provide the same extensions to Russian tourists by now but he ensured that, hopefully number of Russian tourists to Austria will rapidly increase.

He further mentioned that, indeed increasing numbers of tourists of Russia speak about the “Well-Off” economy of Russia but along with that it also indicates foreign relations of Russia and Austria is moving on good and corporation route.

More addition to this, he expressed that Tourists wants to go on Ski in Austria in winters along with that tourists also want secure and save environment for them which they receive in Austria.

Although Austria had to face decrease number of tourist from Russia since 2014 when European Union imposed numbers of economic sanction to Russia which made it hard for Russia to stay stable economically.