Austria is planning to sending its troops on European Union‘s borders to protect it from refugees.
New Boarder Defiance Project to Initiates Soon
Austria is among one of those 16 countries of allies who is up for securing borders of EU’s from external refugees.
Austrian Defiance Minister, Hans Peter Doskozil while talking to Die Welt disclosed that Austria lies among those 16 countries around the Balkan route which is used by more than millions of refugees to make access from Greece to Europe. This is why, Austria wants strict measurements to cease illegal refugees. Austria is indulging in new borders defiance project. More addition to this, Doskozil complaint that, the routes of Western Balkans is still not closed as it should be and that’s a major threat.
Although, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan opposed this decision of closing doors on refugees and declared it as against the European Union’s Human Rights Violation. In respond to this, Austrian Defiance Minister Hans Peter Doskozil said that,
Turkish leader was not a “reliable partner of the EU and that Europe should prepare for the possibility Ankara will “open the floodgates”