Austrian Muslims women are expected to protest on streets of Vienna, capital of Austria against ban on headscarves and full face veil.

Muslim Women To Protest Against Headscarves Ban

According to organizer, it is expected that approximately 1000 women would participate in protest, as reported in local media on Friday.

As Austrian Government is planning to impose ban on headscarves and full face veil in public. A law is drafted earlier this week and will be presented soon in parliament of Austria. The law will not be implemented if it would be refused by parliament of Austria. According to drafted law, 150 euros, equivalent to 162 US dollars would have to pay as penalty if prohibited garments like as Burqa or Naqab are worn in public places.

It is expected that, law will be passed in parliament in late march.

Although, Muslims of Austria are ready to voice their protest against this discriminated law and are planning to stage protest in streets of capital city of Austria. Noted that, 600,000 population of Muslims are residing in Austria.