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Austria Weather Update: Temperature Fluctuations Ahead

Stay informed about Austria's weather with forecasts of temperature changes and rainfall. Prepare for a shift in conditions.

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Austria Weather Update

As Austria experiences a temporary rise in temperatures, a cold front approaches, bringing potential rain and a significant drop in temperature.

Austria, October 30, 2023 – After a period of warmer weather, Austria braces for a sudden shift as a cold front moves in from the west. Despite the approaching change, some regions may still see temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius. However, come Friday morning, thermometers could plummet to freezing levels.

Experts at Geosphere Austria anticipate a notable drop in temperatures on Friday, with morning readings potentially reaching as low as zero degrees Celsius.

Monday Outlook:

On Monday, a southern foehn situation will intensify over Austria, resulting in overcast skies and increased rainfall on the southern side of the Alps. Clouds will dominate the sky from Vorarlberg to Salzburg, with sporadic sunshine. Eastern regions may initially experience patchy fog or high fog. The first half of the day will likely bring sunny intervals, with cloud cover increasing later. As evening approaches, the foehn weakens, paving the way for rain to spread across the Alps’ north side. In foehn-prone areas and along the eastern edge of the Alps, brisk to strong southwesterly winds will persist. Morning temperatures are anticipated to range from three to twelve degrees Celsius, while daytime highs will vary between 13 and 22 degrees Celsius, contingent on fog or foehn conditions.

Tuesday’s Weather:

Tuesday sees a disturbance crossing Austria eastward, resulting in widespread rain and extensive cloud cover. Heavier rainfall is expected in the southern reservoirs of Tyrol, reaching down to Lower Carinthia, with the snowfall line dropping to 2000 to 1500 meters. In the afternoon, precipitation will gradually diminish in the west and northwest, potentially allowing for some clearing. Winds will be brisk from the west in the Danube region, occasionally strong in open areas on the eastern edge of the Alps. Elsewhere, winds will generally be weak to moderate, blowing from the west to northwest. Morning temperatures will rise to five to 13 degrees Celsius, while daytime highs will reach twelve to 19 degrees Celsius.

Midweek Weather Conditions:

Wednesday morning will witness residual clouds in Upper and Lower Austria, with occasional light rain showers. Fog and high fog patches may persist in southern basin areas and the inner Alps. However, sunny weather is expected to prevail as the day progresses. Only in the afternoon, a veil of high clouds will drift in from the southwest, potentially tempering sunshine in western and southern Austria. Winds in the east will start moderately from the west, gradually shifting southeast to south, possibly bringing foehn conditions to the west. Early temperatures will range from zero to ten degrees Celsius, with daytime highs between twelve and 18 degrees Celsius.

Thursday’s Forecast:

Thursday will see cloud buildup on the southern side of the Alps, accompanied by increasing rainfall. While some areas remain friendly and partly sunny, fog patches may develop over flatlands. Throughout the day, high and medium-high cloud cover will move in from the southwest. By evening, precipitation will extend to the western regions and the north side of the Alps. Winds will be moderate, occasionally brisk to strong in the east, blowing from the southeast to south. Foehn-prone areas will experience stronger southerly winds, with mountainous regions expecting stormy conditions. Early temperatures will range from zero to seven degrees Celsius, while daytime highs will reach eleven to 19 degrees Celsius.

Friday’s Outlook:

As we head into Friday, a cold front from the west and an Italian low will bring dense cloud cover and widespread rain. Precipitation focus will shift from the south to the east throughout the day, with western regions experiencing a calming of weather conditions in the afternoon. The snowfall line will drop to 1,200 to 1,600 meters above sea level. Winds will be moderate to brisk, veering west. Early temperatures will span from four to 15 degrees Celsius, with daytime highs ranging from six to twelve degrees Celsius, particularly in the eastern regions where temperatures are expected to decrease significantly during the day.

For continuous updates, stay tuned to local weather advisories.

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