The victim was badly beaten down, and later stabbed resulting in death after a verbal altercation by a 16 year old boy.

Killing in Austria

A 16 Year old Afghan asylum seeker is said to have stabbed 19 year old compatriot to death at 18:00 O’clock at the district of Alt-Urfahr West of Linz. The case was reported to police in Upped Austria on Tuesday morning. The teenager is said to have beaten the victim along with an unidentified male person in a playground and stabbed him to death.

According to the police report, there was a verbal confrontation between the young men and 16 year old boy before he was stabbed to death, the asylum seeker kicked his feet and later stabbed him with a knife. The 19 year old suffered fatal injuries.

After the crime, the 16 year old and his accomplice fled the scene. In the course of the immediately initiated search, the perpetrator was found on the basis of description by the police in the vicinity of the crime scene and was brought to the police station for the inspection. Witnesses identified the boy. In the apartment of the asylum seeker, the knife was found which was used at the crime scene. The teenager was arrested.

Sources: Kurier