Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Idalia Sweeps Cuba, Expected to Strengthen Approaching Florida

Tropical Storm Idalia strengthens, targets Florida Gulf Coast. Evacuations ordered. Hurricane Franklin also poses threat.

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Maria Sladek
Maria Sladek
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Idalia Sweeps Cuba

Tropical Storm Idalia, having battered western Cuba, is on track to escalate into a major hurricane as Idalia advances towards the Gulf Coast of Florida. With a projected landfall on Wednesday, authorities are implementing evacuations and urging Florida’s residents to brace themselves for the imminent storm. Currently positioned about 80 miles off Cuba’s western point, Idalia boasts maximum sustained winds of 70 mph. Approximately 14 million individuals are now under hurricane and tropical storm advisories along the Gulf of Mexico.

Of particular concern are the potential surges of seawater propelled by strong winds, which could inundate low-lying coastal areas. Storm surge warnings extend across extensive sections of the Gulf Coast, encompassing regions like Sarasota, Tampa, and Indian Pass.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called on residents to take swift precautions, highlighting his conversations with President Joe Biden and FEMA’s director, Deanne Criswell. In the face of imminent danger, DeSantis underscores the need for readiness, stating, “Do what you need to do. You still have today and most of tomorrow.”

In Cuba, residents are engaged in a scramble to evacuate coastal zones, secure homes, and safeguard fishing vessels as Idalia inches closer. The fishing hamlet of Guanimar has already encountered floodwaters, prompting visible evacuation efforts. Utilizing aging buses, residents are relocating to higher ground. Amid preparations, Yadira Alvarez, a local resident, acknowledges the inevitable saturation that unrelenting rain is likely to bring.

The storm’s impact is reaching the tobacco-rich province of Pinar del Rio, where stronger winds have battered the area and evacuation measures have been implemented. Idalia is projected to attain hurricane strength by Monday, with a potential upgrade to Category 3 status anticipated by the time it reaches Florida’s coast.

Despite the storm’s uncertain trajectory, Shannon Hartsfield, a fisherman in Apalachicola Bay, has heeded warnings, moving boats to elevated ground. Mandatory evacuations have been issued for specific regions, and school districts have canceled classes to underscore the importance of safety measures. Governor DeSantis has declared a state of emergency encompassing 46 Florida counties, with the National Guard and electricity workers mobilized to facilitate efficient response efforts.

In the Atlantic, Hurricane Franklin looms to the east of Idalia. Forecasted to veer northeastward, Franklin poses a threat to Bermuda and the U.S. East Coast, bringing the potential for substantial swells throughout the week. With both storms on the horizon, authorities and residents remain vigilant in the face of the unpredictable forces of nature.

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