Five people have died following a shooting in the Swiss state of Aargau, including the gunman, who killed himself.The gunman was related to some of the victims, local police confirmed – and it is believed the attack unfolded after a family dispute.

Five People Dead After Switzerland Shooting

Officers were called to the northern town of Würenlingen after gunshots were heard shortly after 11pm on Saturday night.

Three bodies were reportedly found outside, and two more were uncovered inside the family home.

One witness told local media they heard four shots fired in quick succession, followed by a further two shots after a brief pause.

Police spokesman Bernard Graser, speaking to local radio, said it was “an exceptionally terrible crime, atypical for such a tranquil residential area”.

All of those killed were adults, and investigators are working to identify the victims – as well as a possible motive.

Würenlingen, which is northwest of Zurich, is home to a community of about 4,500 people.