The man had a bag of bomb from “extremist views” and was about to take him up to the US Embassy in Cairo. But it failed because of the chemicals in the backpack were ignited prematurely, a camera filmed the scenes in the Egyptian capital. The 24-year-old carrier is in custody.

Embassy Bombing

With the chemicals in his backpack, the detainee planned a “hostile act”, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry, but failed. A video from a surveillance camera circulating on the Internet shows a young man walking along the street in seemingly complete silence, from whose backpack explosive smoke rises. The man goes down but didn’t got hurt.

At first, the surveillance camera only filmed a young man with a backpack. Then, the chemicals ignited and the backpack went up in smoke.

Witnesses had initially reported that the man had tried to throw an exploding object over the wall of the US embassy. The US Representative said on Twitter, after the end of the investigations, the operation goes on as normal. The streets around the buildings are generally cordoned off to prevent possible attacks or unrest in front of the embassy.