Hundreds of people – apparently right-wing – spontaneously moved through the city of Chemnitz on Sunday. The trigger for this is the death of a 35-year-old German.


In Chemnitz in the eastern German state of Saxony, hundreds of people spontaneously moved through the city center after a deadly dispute on Sunday.The demonstrators were  protesting “violent rights” against alien crime and chanting slogans such as “We are the people”.

The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) reported on scuffles. Videos on social media showed attacks on migrants. The city prematurely ended its city festival due to security concerns.

In aftermath is the death of a 35-year-old German after a disastrous quarrel between people of different nationalities. Two other men, aged 33 and 38, were injured, some of them seriously injured, reported police. All three are according to the investigators German. Knives were used in the dispute.

The police have provisionally arrested two 22 and 23-year-old men. Procuratorate and police investigate manslaughter. The reason for the dispute is unclear
after initial information.

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