Tesla to Open Charging Network to Non-Tesla EVs

Tesla to Open Charging Network to Non-Tesla EVs Across the US by 2024, Tesla has announced plans to make at least 7,500 of its charging stations available to non-Tesla electric vehicles across the US by the end of 2024, in a significant move towards promoting EV use. The plan, which opens up Tesla’s Supercharger and Destination Charger network, is part of President Biden’s infrastructure plan, which aims to fight climate change by installing 500,000 chargers across America and building a network of fast-charging stations across 53,000 miles of freeways from coast to coast. The move is expected to make charging an EV as easy as filling up at a gas station.

The move has been praised by the White House as a game-changer, with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stating that they want to ensure all EV drivers “will be able to plug in, know the price they’re going to be paying and charge up in a predictable, user-friendly experience”. The plan will allow Tesla to compete for federal grants to help create a nationwide charging network, with the infrastructure law blocking federal subsidies for chargers that only serve one brand.

According to the White House, Tesla will set up charging sites at hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces in urban and rural locations, and all EV drivers will be able to access these stations using the Tesla app or website. Tesla plans to triple its nationwide network of Superchargers over the next few years. The move is expected to help non-Tesla EV drivers who have struggled to find high-quality public chargers on US roads, which has slowed the growth of EV sales.

However, it’s not clear whether an adapter or new charger design will be required for non-Tesla EVs to use the network, according to Sam Abuelsamid, principal analyst for Guidehouse Insight. While the agreement with Tesla is important, it’s also seen as a sign of relative peace between Elon Musk and the Biden administration, despite previous clashes.

The new agreement with Tesla is a significant step towards achieving President Biden’s goal of making 50% of new car sales electric by 2030, and it’s a move that’s being closely watched by the EV industry. While the made-in-America requirements for EV components imposed by the Transportation Department may harm EV growth, the opening up of Tesla’s charging network to all drivers is seen as a potential game-changer in promoting EV use.

With Tesla to Open Charging Network and leading the charge, it could be only a matter of time before other automakers follow suit, helping to create a nationwide charging network that is convenient, reliable, and accessible to all.