Tesla Recalls Over 3,000 Model Y in the US

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has issued a recall for 3,470 Model Y cars in the United States due to a safety issue with the vehicle’s seatbacks. According to a filing made public on Saturday, the bolts securing the second-row seatback frames may not have been tightened correctly, posing a safety risk to occupants.

The recall affects Model Y cars produced between 2022 and 2023. Tesla will inspect the bolts that secure the second-row driver-side and passenger-side seat back frames to the lower seat frames. If necessary, the bolts will be tightened to the required specifications. The recall is expected to begin in late March.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warned that a loose seat frame bolt may reduce the performance of the seat belt system during a crash, leading to a higher risk of injuries. Tesla has reported five warranty claims related to the issue since December. However, the company said it is not aware of any accidents, injuries, or fatalities linked to the problem.

In December, a Tesla supplier introduced improved process controls and training to ensure that the bolts are tightened correctly. The automaker said that it took prompt action to address the issue once it was identified.

This recall is the latest in a series of recalls that Tesla has issued in the past year. In November 2020, the company recalled 9,500 Model Y and X cars due to roof trim problems. Earlier in February, Tesla recalled 135,000 Model S and X vehicles for a touchscreen failure.

Moreover, the electric car manufacturer is currently under investigation by the NHTSA for a suspected Autopilot defect that may have led to a series of crashes. The NHTSA said it had identified 23 crashes involving Tesla vehicles that may have been related to the Autopilot system, resulting in at least one fatality and several injuries.

Tesla has been a pioneer in the electric vehicle market, but the company has faced criticism over the quality and safety of its vehicles. The automaker has said it is committed to resolving any safety issues promptly and effectively to ensure the safety of its customers. The recall of the Model Y vehicles is an example of the company’s efforts to address safety concerns and improve the quality of its products.