An 84-inch tablet computer will go on sale next month with a price tag of £16,500.The super-sized Microsoft Surface Hub will be available to order from 1 July and is aimed at business conference rooms.

84-Inch Tablet Computer

So far, Microsoft has struggled to crack the mobile operating system market – with a 3.6% market share in the US as of January this year, compared to Android’s 53%.

Vice president Michael Angiulo said the device is the biggest touchscreen the firm has ever built, and Microsoft had to buy a company called Perceptive Pixel in 2012 to develop the large screen.

It runs Windows 10 and has a screen designed for touch input. It can detect up to three digital pen inputs simultaneously.

It is also equipped with a microphone designed to eliminate background noise to make video conferencing smoother.

Two cameras are fixed on each side of the screen with a 120-degree field of view, so people who are inches away from the screen can still be seen.

The device has the components of a high-end PC with an i7 processor and an Nvidia graphics card.

A 55-inch version will be available for £5,800.