Tuesday, December 5, 2023

European Super League Revamped with 60-80 Teams

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Maria Sladek
Maria Sladek
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Revamped European Super League to Include 60-80 Teams The European Super League is making a comeback with a revised plan to include 60 to 80 teams, according to a recent statement by A22 Sports Management. The company was created to help launch the tournament, which first failed in 2021. The Madrid High Court recently restored an injunction to protect the Super League from sanctions by governing bodies, UEFA and FIFA.

European Super League Revamped

A22 CEO, Bernd Reichart, believes the foundations of European football are in danger and it is time for change. He stated that clubs bear the entrepreneurial risk in football, but often have no say in key decisions that impact their sport and finances. Reichart claimed to have spoken with nearly 50 European clubs and stakeholders, and the vast majority share the same concerns.

The new competition would be open and multi-divisional, with a focus on sustainable revenue distribution across all teams. The revised European Super League would provide participating clubs with a guaranteed minimum of 14 matches per season.

Reichart says that the discussions he had with European clubs were open, honest, and constructive. He believes that the dialogue has resulted in clear ideas about what changes are needed and how they can be implemented. The CEO also added that there is still much work to be done and the dialogue will continue.

The European Super League is making a comeback with a revised plan to include 60 to 80 teams. The competition aims to provide a more sustainable revenue distribution model and give clubs more control over their sport and finances. The CEO of A22 Sports Management believes that the time for change has come and that the foundations of European football are in danger.

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