With constant innovations in the cannabis market, some enthusiasts have turned to dab products for a more concentrated dose of THC. The best dab pen makes it easier to vape these oils and waxes for what some users consider to be a more pleasant experience. Finding the right pen for you means considering the following options before making a purchase. 

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How Portable Is It? 

Is the disposable ccell vape pen you’re looking at portable? Can you take it anywhere and still be able to use it discretely? Ideally, it should be small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket but still substantial enough to allow you to dab when you’re ready. 

What Is It Made Out Of? 

Quality marijuana vape pens should be manufactured from durable, long-lasting materials. Not only should the exterior be able to hold up to regular use, but the plate inside the pen should be made from high-quality ceramic to ensure efficient heating of the product. 

How Long Will the Battery Last? 

If you’re going to be dabbing on the go, you need a pen that has a long-lasting battery. Be sure to research how long a charge will last before you make your final purchase. Aim for a battery that will last a dabbing session or two, or try for a couple of hours at the very least. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

While investing in a good dab pen is not likely to be cheap, you can find budget-friendly options if that is what works best for your wallet. Most dabbers recommend purchasing a pen at the top of your budget range to ensure that you get the best quality possible. However, it is important to remember that you’ll need a little money left over to purchase accessories and additional products to use with the pen.

If you’re ready to try this new trend in cannabis use, take a look at the wide selection of pen options and choose the one that meets your individual requirements.