In a risky stunt on the wing, Jon James fell to his death: “Jon has held on to the wing until it was too late”

Canadian Rapper Dies

In the risky shooting of a music video, a Canadian rapper fell from a plane and died. Jon James ran the stunt over the wing of a small Cessna, his management said. As the 33-year-old rapper continued to run outward in the so-called wingwalk on the wing, the machine suddenly fell into a downward spiral.

“Jon was holding the wing until it was too late,” the management explained. “When he let go, he did not have time to open his parachute.”

The disaster near the town of Vernon in the Canadian province of British Columbia occurred on Saturday. The police confirmed the “death of a parachutist”. According to media reports, the pilot was able to land the machine safely.

Jon James was known for risky stunts and was also a successful free ski rider. His management now started a fundraising call to pay for the burial costs and release the rappers’ last songs.