After speculating about a recent relationship with a billionaire, Jolie is now flirting with a colleague.

Angelina Julie

The rumors of a new love for Angelina Jolie’s side have no end. Just last month, the Hollywood actress was supposed to name an unknown billionaire.

When Angelina Jolie was photographed in Los Angeles at the premiere of “Dumbo” with her children Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox, she beamed. It has been different after Brad Pitt’s two and a half years ago.

US media now speculate that a new man on Angelina’s side caused her good mood. The actress is the main character of the Disney movie “Dumbo”, namely Hollywood Beau Colin Farrell. That’s why she appeared at the premiere. “She was there to support him,”

This did not happen for the first time between the two Hollywood stars. In 2004 Jolie and Farrell were together in front of the camera for the historical film “Alexander”. During the shooting of the movie, they must have come closer. Then the way of life of the Irishman, who was traded as a playboy and was known for his drug and alcohol escapades, should have deterred Jolie.

The actress had just adopted son Maddox and longed for stability. She found this only a year later in Brad Pitt, whom Jolie met on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”After the separation from Pitt, Jolie’s feelings for Farrell have been rekindled. It should also play a role that the actor is purified. Farrell is since 2006 clean and father of two sons, James and Henry.

The impressive Jolie. “She finds it incredibly appealing, what a strong and caring man he has become,” the source told, Now the timing is perfect for a romance. “They have so much in common now and could not be happier,” reports revealed about their love affair. The insider added that Jolie’s ex Brad Pitt, 55, was anything but enthusiastic about her new partner. “Brad knows exactly how his old mate Colin is ticking and he’s not sure he’s the best man for his kids,” the insider claims. He would rather have his children recover from the long-lasting Rose War before having to deal with a new man at their mother’s side.

“It’s not that he does not want Angelina to be happy, but the welfare of his family is his top priority,” the source says.