Ukrainian Lviv

The Ukrainian economy is recovering from quarantine, and, therefore, is becoming attractive to European investors once again. Businessmen have enough reasons to pay attention to this Eastern European country because nowadays Ukrainian educated workforce is almost the cheapest in the world, the country has high rates of digitalization and the availability of public services, as well as developed logistics routes and European-level services.

Lviv as a center of the IT industry development

Lviv now positions itself primarily as a center for the development of the IT industry. It is for specialists in this field, taking into account their requests, modern office centers, IT towns and an IT park are growing in the city. Representatives of investor companies are convinced that the demand for office rent will only grow. This way, on Pasichna Street, 162 in Lviv, a new innovative class A office center IQ Park has appeared this year.

Yaroslav Mayboroda, the founder of KM DEVELOP and construction investor of IQ Park, said that before construction began, negotiations had been held and an agreement had been reached with IT companies on mutually beneficial cooperation. So, the project was focused primarily on their needs.

“IQ Park is an example of a technologically modern building, comfortable for business. Combined with quality services, compliance with environmental standards, as well as safety requirements, this creates ideal conditions for effective teamwork of the business,” said Yaroslav Mayboroda.

For Yaroslav Mayboroda, it was essential for one of the floors of IQ Park to be occupied by a group of companies, founded by him. “We trust our product and want to prove its quality and benefits by our own example,” he explained.

Yaroslav Mayboroda hopes that IQ Park has every chance to become the residence of the world’s leading high-tech companies in Ukraine.

“I build my business on principles that are clear to businessmen in all countries. It is important for me to be a leader in my field. And for this, it is essential to be open, to create a quality product and offer customers comfortable adequate services and conditions, at reasonable prices. Our team is one of the most highly qualified and highly paid in the Ukrainian market,” he stresses.

Office for team’s creativity and success

Ivan Ditkun, Director of KM DEVELOP LLC, continued the story about the advantages of IQ Park, as well as about the construction details. He stressed that the project’s design took into account the world’s best practices and the widest range of requirements for modern offices so that companies that are actively developing can provide their employees with comfortable working conditions. During the construction process, all works and services were purchased through open tenders. In the construction of the office center, energy-saving technologies are used to the maximum, which, among other things, allow to maintain different air temperatures in different parts of the office center. The automatic control system of the office center allows each tenant to keep separate records of consumed water, heat, electricity.

Ivan Ditkun also stopped at the exterior glass decoration of IQ Park. Special glass, he assured, has been installed taking into account modern requirements for lighting and energy efficiency of offices.

“On the southern part of the building, it has a high coefficient of reflection of infrared light, but at the same time, it transmits a sufficient amount of daylight. The glass facades on the northern side, on the other hand, have high transmittance of daylight, including infrared, to warm the office. And on the inside, there is special energy-saving spraying, which allows you to avoid wasting extra energy, especially in winter,” said Ivan Ditkun.

The efficiency of the technologies used at IQ Park is confirmed by the building’s energy certificate, according to which it has been awarded energy efficiency class “A” – the highest level of energy efficiency. Ivan Ditkun also said that the experience gained by the company in the construction of IQ Park is currently being implemented by other Ukrainian construction companies.

At the end of the conversation, Yaroslav Mayboroda and Ivan Dytkun drew attention to other advantages of IQ Park, that are especially appreciated by representatives of the IT industry but which other similar office centers in Lviv are deprived of. This is a large parking lot, green areas and terraces that can be used for both leisure and work, as well as large underground and on-ground parking lots. All of it is under security and video surveillance around the clock. It is also important that the office center is located at the intersection of the main city transport arteries, and is in short distance from the airport, train station and the historic city center.

“IQ Park is more than a place for work,” Yaroslav Mayboroda is convinced. “After all, in our office center, an atmosphere for teamwork and success is created. This is what mostly attracts the leading high-tech companies these days.

”IQ Park is ready to host seven companies. Additional information and contacts can be found on the website of KM DEVELOP LLC.