Today, traders and investors can choose a broker from a wide variety of market players. But what differs Asset Capital Business inc from the others? What special services and trading instruments do they offer to their clients?  

Investment supermarket Asset Capital Business (ACB) was founded in 2015 and today offers a full range of tools for profitable investments: Forex, indices, stocks, metals, commodities and crypto for any portfolio. By registering an account, a user get access to all financial instruments.  

ACB investment service provides for expert advice and collected all the smart investment instruments on one site, Acbservice com. 

ACBservice standards 

In addition to the standard trading tools and conditions, Service ACB also renders the following services to its clients: 

  • Wealth Management. Wealth management provided by Acbservice implies an integrated approach to solving the financial problems of the client and his family and includes the structuring of assets. The company manages the personal or family assets as a prudent owner and a property management professional. Its key benefits are financial planning that allows linking together all aspects of the investment and financial activities for the management of wealth, independent financial support of transactions with both for personal purposes and for capital investment purposes, financial consulting on business issues and qualified financial support for issues of donation, inheritance, transfer of wealth and other property transactions. 
  • Copy trading. A copy trading is a strategy when market players completely repeat the actions of professional traders in automatic mode. Although ACB service cannot completely take control of the money management and budget of the clients and be 100% responsible for the result of the work, it gives an opportunity to trade with a comfortable deposit on its trading account. 
  • MT5. MetaTrader 5 is a high-end multi trading platform for Forex, stock and futures exchanges. Compared to MetaTrader 4, the MetaTrader 5 trading platform is a more advanced version with wide functionality and capabilities. Here traders will find various tools that will make trading strategy more flexible and perfect: indicators and graphical objects for technical analysis, additional pending orders, multi-currency strategy tester, virtual hosting, etc. Algorithmic trading is one of the strongest aspects of MT5. Thanks to the more powerful MQL5 programming language, users can create more accurate trading robots (advisors) that will make transactions automatic. 
  • Consulting. A financial consultant will assist with financial planning, choose an appropriate financial instrument and define an investment plan. 

The company deserves the status of one-stop investment provider thanks to the tools available on the platform. Investors will have the chance to work in every market with a wide range of trading options. 

2. Analytical Basis and Technical Support in ACB 

Detailed analytics and high-quality technical support are crucial factors for successful trading. Traders can use the following instruments to get more comprehensive understanding of the current market strategies and trends.  

  • Reviews. Most beginners face some problems with indices, cryptocurrency strategies and fundamental analysis. The detailed reviews are crucial for further education and improving skills.  
  • Video. On Acbservice com, traders can find useful videos on strategies, tutorials and professional advice. 
  • Holiday calendar. During the process of trading on financial markets, it is important to take into account the official holidays in certain countries. Indeed, on holidays trading sessions are closed and this should be referred to when opening or closing orders. Weekends directly affect asset volatility in the period before and after the holidays. Investment supermarket Asset Capital Business (ACB) are actively using the Forex holiday calendar to find entry points to a trade. Along with the economic calendar, holiday dates are taken into account in fundamental analysis of stocks. 
  • Economic calendar. The economic calendar provided by ACB service is a summary of all news for all countries, indicating the time of their release and forecast. Any trading instruments are influenced by various economic indicators including inflation, unemployment rate, etc. or the policy of the banks. Statistics are published at a certain time with a fixed frequency. The greatest volatility in the financial markets is observed at the time of the news release. The economic calendar contains information about when and for which country the publication of this reporting may be which allows traders to build a trading tactics based on an analytical forecast. 
  • Analysis in MT5. With this innovative platform, traders can perform technical analysis of charts, work with algorithmic trading programs and copy reliable transactions of other traders. In the trading platform, users are provided with up to one hundred charts of currency pairs, stocks and futures at the same time, determine support levels, over 20 timeframes, built-in indicators, over 40 graphics, minute history, etc. Besides technical analysis, fundamental analysis of various indicators plays a significant role in price analysis and forecasting. The trading terminal provides for built-in fundamental tools such as an economic calendar and constantly updated news. All information about financial events comes to the terminal instantly. 

ACB investment service client support is available 24/5 at Qualified managers provide for investment consulting and help to resolve any technical matters. ACB specialists are always ready to assist in the selection of assets in the clients’ portfolio and notify them when it is better for them to change the strategy and make the right investment decision. 

Asset Capital Business inc is a comprehensive assistance in your financial development and smart investment solution.