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Suicide of Graz Gunman Alen R.

Learn about the unfortunate demise of Alen R., the Graz gunman. Ministry of Justice confirms suicide. Details and implications explored.

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Suicide of Graz Gunman

In a solemn announcement, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that the passing of Alen R. was indeed a suicide. Due to privacy constraints, no additional information can be disclosed.

As reported by the online edition of “Kronen Zeitung,” Alen R., known as the Graz gunman, was discovered lifeless in his solitary cell at Stein prison (JA) on a Saturday morning. During a routine check, vigilant prison guards came upon the 33-year-old’s lifeless form. The Ministry of Justice promptly confirmed the tragic event, affirming it as a suicide within the confines of Stein Prison.

Simultaneously, a spokesperson from the department conveyed a plea for understanding, citing data protection regulations as the reason for refraining from sharing further details about the incident. Emphasizing their commitment to thorough examination, it was stated that every incident is subject to scrutiny. Additionally, all prison guard personnel were extended the offer of utilizing psychological support services.

Almost precisely six years prior, on September 29, 2016, Alen R. received a life sentence from the Graz regional court for a series of heinous crimes, including multiple murders and numerous attempted murders. Subsequently, he was transferred to a specialized institution for mentally abnormal offenders. On June 20, 2015, in an act of unspeakable violence, he claimed three lives, including that of a four-year-old child, using an off-road vehicle in Graz’s Herrengasse. Dozens more suffered grievous injuries.

“Kronen Zeitung” reports that Alen R. left behind a poignant farewell letter. Currently, authorities are meticulously examining its contents. Among other statements, it is alleged that he emphatically declared his innocence.

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