Over much of Austria, it remains cloudy throughout the day, short lighter periods are most likely still in the east and northeast possible.


It often rains, with the main precipitation during the day rather retreating to the southern half. Towards evening, the rain will be more in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The snowfall limit is falling in the western parts of the country at locations between 2500 and 2000m above sea level. It blows weak to moderate, at the Alpenostrand and in the eastern lowlands partly also lively wind from west to north. Early temperatures 11 to 19 degrees, daily highs only 15 to 22 degrees.

Especially today, it can rain throughout Austria, tomorrow it loosens up in the course of the day from the west. But it is much cooler than last: the thermometer will not climb well over 20 degrees on the weekend. From Wednesday but the “30s” could be cracked again.