Vienna Taxi Driver Injured

A horrifying incident unfolded in Breitenfurt, a suburb near Vienna, when a 28-year-old passenger viciously attacked a taxi driver, leaving the victim’s life hanging in the balance. The assailant, identified as a Chechen national, was apprehended following an extensive manhunt.

The terrifying assault occurred in the early hours of Monday when the suspect, a resident of Vienna, boarded the taxi in Mödling. Upon arriving at his destination in Breitenfurt, he allegedly launched a sudden and brutal knife attack on the 49-year-old driver, delivering over 20 stabbing blows, as reported by the Lower Austria State Police Directorate.

In a desperate bid to thwart the attacker, the valiant driver managed to break free and struggled to keep a rear door of the taxi shut. However, the assailant persisted, continuing his onslaught through the open window. After eventually leaving the vehicle, the aggressor seemingly renewed the assault. Undaunted and fighting for his life, the driver wrested the knife from the attacker’s grasp.

Despite his injuries, the driver re-entered the taxi, but found himself pursued by the assailant. The 28-year-old brandished another knife, thrusting it through an open window. The driver, undeterred, continued driving, veering off the road in his haste. The vehicle came to a stop on the roadside, setting the stage for yet another confrontation. The assailant, armed with a fresh wave of aggression, re-engaged the already grievously wounded victim, resorting to pepper spray. Seizing the opportunity, the attacker snatched the driver’s backpack, laden with provisions.

With the assailant now on the loose, the incapacitated victim managed to activate the taxi’s emergency SOS button, alerting the authorities. Firefighters from Breitenfurt extricated the unconscious victim from the vehicle. Following initial medical attention, he was rushed to Vienna’s UKH Meidling for life-saving surgery. Initially critical, the victim has since regained consciousness, and his condition has stabilized.

The ensuing manhunt initially yielded no results, prompting intensified efforts. Following extensive investigations and the discovery of various incriminating items, the authorities honed in on the 28-year-old suspect. A renewed pursuit ensued on Tuesday evening, employing police helicopters, drones, and K-9 units. The alleged assailant was located but managed to evade capture once more. Eventually, he was apprehended in Mödling shortly after 4 a.m. on Wednesday. During interrogation, the suspect admitted to his involvement in the shocking robbery.

This harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by taxi drivers and underscores the importance of swift and coordinated law enforcement efforts in apprehending violent offenders. The victim’s resilience in the face of such a brutal attack is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for courage in the most dire of circumstances.