One of Austria’s most high-profile prisoners – Austrian entrepreneur and former football club president Hannes Kartnig – has become a victim of theft in Graz’s Jakomini prison.

Prison Thief Robs Austrian

Kartnig, who is serving time for tax evasion and embezzlement, is currently on day release. He found that his locker had been broken into overnight and a wallet containing €1,500 was stolen.

Kartnig was sentenced to five years in prison in February 2012, and he became eligible for house arrest in 2014. However, this was withdrawn after he was spotted at the opera and dining in a luxury hotel, out of the allowed range of his ankle monitor. Since March he has been on day release and returns to Graz-Jakomini prison to sleep every evening.

He has applied for parole but has been rejected twice. In November last year he was sentenced to an additional four years and one month in prison for fraud – but the judgement is not yet final.