On the Ennstalbundesstraße (B 320) on Saturday at the Lehen / Oberhaus two cars collided head-on with each other. A 27-year-old driver died, two people were seriously injured.

Accident On Ennstalbundesstraße

A few minutes before 6:00 am, the 27-year-old from Salzburg, accompanied by an 18-year-old from Liezen, headed for Gröbming in his car when suddenly he got into the oncoming lane.

It resulted in a head-on collision with the car of a 46-year-old. There was also a 52-year-old in her car; Both women were identified to be from Graz area.

A by-stander woman who saw the accident called the rescue. While a slightly injured person was taken out safely from the car, three more injured were trapped in the wrecks. The fire department had to cut the cars for them to be taken out.

For the 27-year-old, despite immediate rescue measures, help came too late for the person. the other two suffered serious injuries. After first aid at the accident site, they were taken to the Schladming hospital by the Red Cross.

Three fire departments were with 50 helpers and ten vehicles in use; in addition twelve employees of the red cross came. The Ennstalstraße was closed for the recovery and cleanup for one and a half hours.

Source: ORF