Inmates Escaping from Schwarzau

In a series of audacious prison breaks, the third inmate eludes authorities at Schwarzau women’s prison, continuing a trend of escapes during hospital visits.

An alarming report by “Kurier” reveals the escape of an inmate from Schwarzau women’s prison in the Neunkirchen district. This marks the third incident within days, each time during a hospital visit, posing a significant challenge for authorities.

The most recent escape involved an inmate transported to Wiener Neustadt State Hospital. With the withdrawal of her guard during hospitalization, she took advantage of the situation, leaving the hospital and disappearing. Hospital staff promptly raised the alarm, initiating a search.

This follows a similar incident on Monday, where a 16-year-old Afghan escaped from Wiener Neustadt hospital during a scheduled examination. Hailing from the Gerasdorf juvenile prison in the Neunkirchen district, the teenager was set for release in January. Since his escape, he has been active on Instagram, sharing videos depicting escape scenes, handcuffs, and substances. Authorities are investigating the footage, which is already known to the police.

Tuesday witnessed another escape, this time from the Stein prison. The 35-year-old Russian, serving time for aggravated robbery with eleven years ahead of him, managed to flee during a hospital visit. Despite extensive search efforts, all three escapees remain at large, raising concerns about the security protocols during hospital transfers for inmates. Authorities are under pressure to address this escalating trend of escapes and tighten security measures.