In and around Vienna in the night on Monday partly heavy thunderstorms fell down. Most heavily affected Districts Mistelbach, Korneuburg and Bruck ad Leitha, the latter with the city Schwechat and also the airport. “45 firefighters with 550 men had to process about 150 missions,” said Franz Resperger of the State Command.

Vienna Heavy Storm

The spokesman reported about squandered roads, fallen trees and more than 50 cellars that had to be pumped out. The storms had raged from about 22:00 O’clock.

In Großmugl (district of Korneuburg) mud from fields in flash floods shot into the village. Resperger said the cleanup in the community will continue throughout Monday. A mudslide according to information on the B9 at Fischamend (Bruck ad Leitha district) left. A car was washed away. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The airport fire department in Schwechat was also in use. According to airport spokesman Peter Kleemann cellar areas had to be pumped out. There were delays in take-offs and landings, as well as in ground handling.