Several houses in the Sellrain valley in Tyrol have had be evacuated after heavy rains and thunderstorms on Sunday night caused serious damage.Damage has also been reported in the district of Landeck, and the Paznaun valley has been affected by mudslides.

Dramatic scenes in Tyrol

Four police helicopters that had been stationed at Schloss Elmau for the G7 summit in the Bavarian Alps have been in constant use in Tyrol.

Groups of volunteers are helping with the clear up and rescue operation, and teams of firefighters have been working through the night and into Monday.

In Sellrain the Mellach river burst its banks and several houses were badly damaged. 23 people were evacuated and are being cared for by a Red Cross team in Oberperfuss.

The Mayor of Sellrain, Norbert Jordan, told the ORF that the situation was “terrible”, with the local school and council office completely¬†inaccessible, and parts of buildings ripped away by flood water.

Around 100 people had to be evacuated from the Paznaun valley after hours of heavy rain, and flood waters which ripped out trees and boulders. Some 15 houses are in danger of being hit by landslides.

In Salzburg the Katschberg road has been partially obstructed by a landslide.