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Child Carers in Vienna Under Investigation

Two child carers in Vienna are being investigated for mistreatment allegations. Learn more about the case and the actions taken by authorities.

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Lisa Fischer
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Child Carers in Vienna

Two child carers from a private children’s group in Vienna are facing an investigation amid accusations of mistreatment, including physical abuse and confinement. The Municipal Department 11 (MA11) confirmed the allegations, first reported by the daily newspaper “Heute.”

Disturbing Allegations

The carers are accused of subjecting two children from separate groups to mistreatment during their day care, which allegedly involved locking them in a toilet, spraying them with water, submerging their heads under a sink, and physically assaulting them. Concerned parents detected changes in their children’s behavior, leading to conversations that unveiled the distressing allegations.

Prompt Action and Suspension

Upon receiving the report on Friday evening, MA11 swiftly took action by ordering the temporary suspension of the two child carers. A spokesperson clarified that the facility operates from Monday to Friday, ensuring no risk to other children. The suspected educators no longer work at the institution and are prohibited from interacting with children pending the investigation’s outcome.

Unacceptable Behavior

The mistreatment reportedly included physical punishment in the form of “bottom slaps” as a response to perceived misbehavior. Such actions, if substantiated, are unequivocally deemed unacceptable and contrary to the principles of childcare and education.

Ongoing Investigation

The authority responsible for child protection in elementary education is currently compiling a comprehensive report for the public prosecutor’s office. The Vienna State Police Directorate confirmed that a branch of the State Criminal Police Office is investigating the case under Section 92 of the Criminal Code, focusing on suspicions of torture or neglect of minors, particularly younger and defenseless individuals. Collaboration with the city of Vienna is ongoing, while inquiries directed to the responsible institution await responses.

This incident raises concerns about the safety and well-being of children in childcare facilities, emphasizing the need for thorough investigations and swift actions against any form of mistreatment or abuse.

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