Austrian Army Halts Turkey Earthquake Rescue Operations -The Austrian Army has suspended its earthquake rescue operations in Turkey due to the increased threat of armed conflict in the southern province of Hatay. According to Colonel Pierre Kugelweis, the success of saving lives is not worth the security risks posed by the aggressive behavior between different factions in the area.

Austrian Army Halts Turkey Earthquake

Hatay, bordering northwestern Syria, has been the most affected by the earthquake in Turkey, with over 900 people dead and more than 1,200 buildings destroyed. The province is also home to 400,000 Syrian refugees. While the army has not identified the groups involved in the clashes, the province has seen occasional battles between the Turkish army and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Despite the suspension of operations, the mission will remain in place until the situation improves. The colonel assured that there have been no direct attacks on the mission and emphasized that the circumstances are what they are.

In light of the situation, the safety of the rescuers and earthquake survivors remains a top priority for the Austrian Army. The suspension of operations highlights the challenges faced in disaster relief efforts when security risks are present. The international community continues to closely monitor the situation in Hatay and provide aid where possible.