Activists Demand Tempo 100

Climate activists from the “last generation” took to the south-east tangent (A23) of the Vienna city motorway, demanding a reduction in the speed limit to “Tempo 100” (100 km/h). However, their efforts were cut short as the police intervened, resulting in the lifting of the blockade.

Expressing their dissatisfaction with the government’s response to the climate crisis, the protesters specifically targeted Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler. They criticized the leaders for relying on empty promises and failing to present a clear plan to achieve the country’s climate goals. The ongoing devastating effects of the climate crisis in neighboring Italy further fueled their frustrations.

Emphasizing the urgent need to address the climate crisis, the activists called for concrete actions to be taken. They firmly believed that imposing a speed limit of 100 km/h on the Vienna city motorway would contribute to reducing emissions and actively combatting climate change.

The significant presence of the police effectively thwarted the protesters’ attempts to block the motorway, leading to disappointment among the activists who viewed the blockade as a necessary form of protest. They voiced their discontent with the police intervention, asserting that it hindered their ability to raise awareness about the pressing climate concerns.

This Tempo 100 incident reflects the ongoing tensions and debates surrounding climate change and the necessary actions to tackle it. Activists are becoming increasingly vocal in their demands for immediate and decisive action from governments worldwide. They argue that leaders must prioritize the implementation of effective measures to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis and work towards achieving ambitious climate goals.

As the global attention on climate change continues to intensify, protests and demonstrations like this one serve as powerful reminders of the growing concern and urgency surrounding the adoption of sustainable practices and policies. The activists’ call for a lower speed limit on the Vienna city motorway represents a fraction of the broader climate action movement, urging authorities to take bold steps in combating the climate crisis and securing a sustainable future for all.