Many parts of Styria and Carinthia were hit by fierce storms overnight. Fire brigades were kept busy clearing fallen trees from roads and torrential downpours led to local flooding in Burgenland.

Fierce storms Austria

In Villach, Carinthia, several people were reported to have head injuries after being hit by large hailstones. The ambulance service was busy taking those affected to Villach hospital.

The hail also caused severe traffic delays. Some households in Carinthia were left without power, and police said that several roofs were damaged.

More than 1,000 firefighters had to be deployed in Styria, especially in the Bruck area. Several streets and cellars were flooded after torrential rain.

A truck skidded off the road in Kindberg and plunged down a steep embankment into a wooded area. The driver was not injured but firefighters had to pull the vehicle out using a crane.

Police warned motorists in the Semmering area not to stop in motorway tunnels during heavy hailstorms – where they are less likely to be visible – but to try and find a parking space off the motorway.

In Burgenland, flooding damaged around 4,000 hectares of agricultural land that had been planted with grain, vines and soybeans.

On Tuesday Innsbruck saw hurricane strength winds of up to 140 km per hour and downed power lines left around 14,000 households without power in Tyrol.