Nobel prostitute and ex-lover Oleg Deripaskas posted compromising photos that Moscow did not like.

Trump's Russia Affair

In the US election campaign of 2016, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska paid adviser to eventual President Donald Trump for lobbying activities. Paul Manafort was the man who managed Trump’s election campaign. He was charged by special investigator Robert Muller for colluding with Russian officials and lying about it.

Now, a noble prostitute and former lover of Deripaska makes headlines worldwide. The Belarusian Anastassiya Waschukjewitsch, who has the nickname Nastja Rybka (Russian for Fischlein), was arrested in Russia last week. She did not want to compromise anyone, the young woman told the Moscow court and was released on Tuesday.

At the same time, Waschukyevich should have valuable information that can prove the direct relationship between Trump and the Kremlin. She had posted pictures of Deripaska’s yachting outings on Trump’s 2016 election campaign off the Norwegian coast on Instagram.

At that time was the Vice-Prime Minister of Russia, Sergei Prichodko. The gentlemen talked about women, business and American-Russian relations. The prostitute Waschukjewitsch wants to have recorded several discussions.

The Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has been drumming for a year that concludes the evidence “the chain” Trump-Manafort-Deripaska-Prikhodko-Putin. While there was only moderate interest in the US, the Nawalny releases in Russia triggered a scandal last year.

For the beautiful Anastassija Waschukjewitsch it has since narrow. She went to Thailand, where she gave sex seminars. However, because she did not have a work permit, she was arrested in the spring of 2018. Out of Thailand , she asked the US for help and offered to act as a witness who could prove “the chain”. She did not present the tapes.

A few days ago, the young woman was deported from Thailand to Russia, where she was arrested right at the Moscow airport for alleged prostitution. And now she has to apologize: “I deeply regret that everything has come that way,” she said in court – and was released from custody. Apparently this was a warning to others, a Russian newspaper suspects.

The 50-year-old Deripaska has had enough of his ex-lover. He had to vacate his chief post with the aluminum giant Rusal because of the US sanctions against him and this year for the first time was not invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos. “Instead of Davos, I landed on Lake Baikal. Fishing, “he wrote on Instagram. The physicist, who has worked his way up to become the raw material king and maintains the best contacts in the Kremlin, is currently considered persona non grata.