Donald Trump proposed new idea to support his controversial order, this Trump’s Hypothesis is to built a solar panel wall along the US-Mexican border along-with concrete wall to harness the solar energy to make his project Green.

Trump Speech
On Wednesday in Iowa, U.S. President Donald Trump presented his thinking to install solar panel array on his controversial US – Mexican border wall which was rejected by Mexico and US voters. He said “We’re thinking about building the wall as a solar wall,” he said. “Pretty good imagination, right? It’s my ideas.”

Mr. Trump’s first speech to Iowa after the hold of oval office includes the protesters which were escorted by local police out from his election-campaign type event.

In his speech he rejects Russian investigation and consider it as a witch hunt and that he will succeed against all odds. “All we do is win, win, win”, He said to the crowd.

Mr. Trump delivered his an hour long campaign style speech in which he shared his Trump’s hypothesis of solar wall and other controversial topics. “If we went and got the single greatest healthcare plan in the history of the world we would not get one Democrat vote because they’re obstructionists,” he said.