Former Friend of United States of America, Donald Trump will stage a rally upon “I am Muslim, today” in support of Muslim Community. The Chairman and CEO of Rush Communications is known as one of the closest friend of American President Donald Trump but an arch opponent of his discriminatory orders against Muslim Community. He would have organized a rally on RussellSimmonson 19th February in support of Muslim Community. “Today, I am also Muslim” would be subject of the rally. He has appealed people to come and join him in this rally.

60 years old, black form American, who has born in area of Queens, Russell Simmons is an American entrepreneur, producer and author. He is also running an organization to promote inter-faith harmony, and fraternity among nations of the world. It’s being reported that, he used to be closest friend of American President Trump, but when Trump made remarks against Muslim community during his election campaign, he wrote a letter to Trump and recorded his protest against Trump’s harsh statements. He is also known as animal rights advocate as well.