In the US budget dispute, President Donald Trump has called on his approximately 57 million followers on Twitter to put pressure on the Democrats. He is ready for an agreement.

Donal J.Trump And Twitter

In the US, the shutdown of many government agencies (“shutdown”) on Saturday went into the 22nd day – so long had the US authorities never had to stop their work. The background is Trump’s demand for around five billion dollars to build a wall on the border with Mexico. The requirement is part of an interim budget, which also includes financing several government agencies. Since the Democrats are against the wall, they reject the budget package in the House of Representatives. Trump relies on their votes.

“The Democrats can end the shutdown in 15 minutes, call your Democratic Senator or Congressman(s), tell them to do it, humanitarian crisis,” Trump tweeted on Saturday. He is in the White House and ready for an agreement. But it must be understood that he won the election and promised the Americans security. Part of the promise was the wall to Mexico. “Elections have consequences,” says Trump. He also tweeted on Saturday that the shutdown could go on for “a long time,” “Democrats should not end their ‘holidays’ and return to work.”

On Wednesday, Trump had a meeting with senior Democrats still burst. “Waste of time,” he’d tweeted. He had left the meeting after the Democrats declared that they would not win the money for the Wall even if he ended the government’s stoppage. “It does not work any other way,” Trump had explained his departure.

For Trump, the wall is of high symbolic value. He argues that a wall can effectively combat illegal immigration and drug smuggling. The project is one of its key campaign promises and therefore important for re-election in 2020. Trump had initially stated that the cost of the Wall would have to carry Mexico. The country rejects that. Last week, Trump said he could also declare the national emergency, then take the money for the wall from other budgets. The Democrats doubt that this would be legal. On Friday, Trump then said he would first renounce the announcement of the state of emergency.

Sources: Die Presse