The Information War Against Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Is Becoming Tense. Khashoggi’s Death – An Instrument To Put A Reformer Under Pressure.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

Despite the fact that it’s been over a month since the death of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, only now are the accusations against the crown prince at a peak after the CIA have attempted to present prince Mohammed as the person who ordered the killing, while the western mass media have escalated the information agenda to the limit. However, this case is still far from being clear and there are no clear-cut answers to the questions of who has killed journalist Khashoggi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and a personal friend of Osama bin Laden, and why.

Mikhail Delyagin, a well-known Russian political expert, a doctor of sciences, and an academician, believes that Khashoggi’s death became part of a conspiracy against the Crown Prince of the Saudi Arabian Mohammed bin Salman, which the intelligence communities of a number of countries were aware of in advance.

The CIA have recently made a startling statement that the responsibility for the death of journalist Khashoggi rests with the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince. A representative of the intelligence agency said that “this murder wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been approved’ and made reference to certain “intercepted data’ in which prince Mohammed allegedly encouraged his associates to murder the journalist.

However, the accusation of the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince of the journalist’s murder is running contrary to the information published previously by the British Special Services which completely deflects the accusations against prince Mohammed. The messages of General Intelligence Directorate (Saudi Arabia) intercepted by London indicate that not only did the directions concerning the Khashoggi operation not originate from the prince himself, but it may well be that he was totally unaware of such directions.

Mikhail Delyagin assumes that the opponents of the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman prepared an attack against the crown prince well in advance, orchestrated, and potentially paid the services of the killers themselves to make a strike at Saudi Arabia and stop the modernizer prince because of influence and popularity.

Mohammed bin Salman is a 21st-century man, and a consistent advocate of modernization and development. The crown prince is also known as one of the masterminds and regional leaders of “moderate Islam’ which stands against the religious extremists and denounces terrorism as a course of action. A year ago, the forward-thinking Saudi Arabian leader moved aside several domestic clans at once and forced them to return tens of billions of dollars to the state.

Who has planned and implemented a resounding provocation against him and why? According to Russian expert Mikhail Delyagin, not only the British intelligence, but also the “representatives of some other states’ knew of the arrangements made to kidnap and, possibly, murder Jamal Khashoggi. They knew in advance of a forthcoming “tragic event’ on a certain date to create an image of Saudi Arabia being a state prone to “savage and ill- conceived actions’. At the same time, the goal was to show that the blockade of Qatar was inappropriate (including the war in Yemen), that the crown prince was involved to the

maximum extent and simultaneously linked to U.S. President Trump, in order to get global mass media as allies.

The version of a pre-planned media attack against the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince is a good explanation of numerous inconsistencies which sprang up in the news concerning the Khashoggi’s murder. For example, different time periods of the journalist staying in the diplomatic mission building which, according to various sources, vary from several minutes to several hours.

Or the story of Khashtoggi activating his “smart watch’ to his girlfriend’s smartphone just before he entered the building. It is unclear how a Bluetooth channel could break through the embassy’s main walls shielded from unauthorized access?

In addition, it is unclear why the Saudi Arabian authorities allegedly decided to eliminate their moderate critic, effectively getting exposed to far stronger criticism of the world community. And why did they have to do it in another country, right before a major investment forum?

It is obvious that the scandal involving Mohammed bin Salman is playing into the hands of several political forces at once. These are, first and foremost, the regional competitors of Saudi Arabia – Turkey and Qatar – which got a chance to enhance their influence in the region, points out the Russian political expert. While Turkey could additionally get materials to blackmail the Saudis going forward.

It should be remembered, says Delyagin, that the authorities of Qatar control the mass media not only in the Middle East, but also have an influence on the agenda of many mass media in the world (Al Jazeera which supports the “Muslim Brotherhood’ organization, broadcasts globally and receives considerable financing from the authorities of Qatar). Qatar and Turkey benefited from the murder of Khashtoggi greatly in terms of public opinion. A change in the image against the backdrop of the discredited Saudis automatically makes the leaders of those nations potential partners.

And, finally, those standing to gain from this scandal are the adepts of the fundamental Islam, the sponsors of terrorism, who are opposed by prince Mohammed bin Salman advocating peaceful and “moderate Islam’.

Taking all of this into account, a conclusion can easily be made that the murder of the journalist is adverse to the interests of the authorities of Saudi Arabia, and informational attack against crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was carried out with clockwork precision. A specific goal was set for the global mass media – to capture worldwide attention. And this goal was achieved without fail.

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