Monday, September 25, 2023

Taiwan Communication Disruptions as Submarine Cables Cut

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Ali Tariq Shah
Ali Tariq Shah
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Taiwan Submarine Internet Cables Cut

In a move that has caused significant disruptions for the residents of Matsu, one of Taiwan’s outlying islands, two submarine internet cables connecting the island to Taiwan’s main island have been cut. The 14,000 residents who rely on the cables for communication with the outside world are facing a major challenge due to the loss of the crucial infrastructure.

The incident has raised suspicions that China may have deliberately cut the cables as part of its continued harassment of the self-ruled island, which it considers part of its territory. The cutting of the cables has huge implications for national security, as Russia has made taking out internet infrastructure one of the key parts of its strategy.

The cutting of the cables has led to a range of disruptions, from difficulty in accessing online services such as banking and e-commerce, to communication breakdowns for businesses and individuals alike. In addition, emergency services have also been impacted, with some reporting difficulties in coordinating rescue efforts.

The disruption caused by the loss of the cables has forced residents to find alternative ways to communicate with the outside world. Some have resorted to using satellite phones, while others have travelled to Taiwan’s main island to access the internet. However, for many, these options are not feasible due to the cost and inconvenience involved.

Local authorities have also taken steps to mitigate the impact of the incident. The government has dispatched a team to repair the cables, but it may take several days before the cables can be fully restored. In the meantime, the government has set up temporary internet facilities to ensure that essential services such as healthcare and emergency response can continue to function.

The incident highlights the importance of internet infrastructure to modern society, and the potential consequences when it is disrupted. Taiwan has long been the target of China’s territorial claims, and this incident may be seen as yet another attempt to exert pressure on the self-ruled island.

The situation in Matsu serves as a reminder that the threat of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure is very real. The loss of internet cables can have far-reaching consequences, not just for individuals and businesses, but also for national security.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the internet and digital communication, protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats must be a top priority for governments around the world. The incident in Matsu serves as a warning of the potential consequences of neglecting this important issue.

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