At least six people have died in Texas following floods amid strong storms and heavy rain.There have also been a number of tornadoes, damaging dozens of homes.

 Six people died in Texas following

In Austin, driver Kerry Packer was caught up in floods that started carrying his car over a bridge.

He floated for more than half a mile before getting out and grabbing a passing tree branch and climbing to the top, where he waited for almost five hours before being rescued.

While in the tree he spoke to local TV station KVUE which did not realise he was still up there.

A presenter said: “You’re still in a tree?” to which Mr Packer replied: “Yeah, I’m about 20ft up a tree.”

Mr Packer later told CBS: “Twenty years of Boy Scouts, I’ve done a lot of crazy things and I knew, you know, survival skills so I knew once I was on a strong tree I was going to be fine.”

He added: “My wife kept calling me and saying, ‘There’s 1,000 people praying for you’.”

In Houston, some areas have had nearly 30cm (12 inches) of rain since Friday and the fire service carried out more than 130 rescues.

Two bodies, believed to be weather-related deaths, were found in the city – one in a flooded ditch and another in a wooded area.

In Travis County, authorities discovered the body of an elderly woman who was swept away from her home.

A man who was also caught up in floods at the property was found alive and treated in hospital.

Meanwhile the body of a man who went missing after his vehicle was hit by floodwaters has also been recovered in Travis County.

And two more bodies were found in the Austin and San Antonio areas.

A tornado hit Brazoria County near Alvin, 30 miles south of Houston, damaging about 25 mobile homes.

Two people in a mobile home suffered minor injuries, as well as three others in a house in a community nearby.

A tornado hit the Houston suburb of Friendswood, where about 30 homes suffered minor damage and the roof of one property was ripped off.

And 10-30 homes were damaged by a tornado in eastern Harris County.