As Austria is chairing the chairmanship of Organization of Security and Coorporation in Europe (OSCE), Minister of Foreign affairs of Austria vowed to lessen the tension between east and west zone of Europe. He said, “We should gradually get the ‘bloc’ mentality that has emerged since the Ukraine crisis into the history books, because that’s where it belongs.”

Regardless of Who Is US President, EU Requires New Policy – Says Kurz

He speaks about many of European’s problems while speaking to RT, “like the refugee and migration issues, are the challenges that were known before the election of Donald Trump.” He emphasized on establishing strong and independent in domestic and foreign policy, regardless of many things such as who is the current president of United States of America.

While speaking to RT, he further added that; “I think that there is a need for a strong and independent policy of the European Union. That is independent of who is currently the US president in Washington. It does contradict my basic idea that Europe should have a strong, independent foreign policy and domestic policy.” 

He gives hope that European Union and United States of America will maintain a good partnership in future as well.